Trackmania Nations Forever

If you already known this game, you known how this game is fun and addicting. If you have never heard about it, you should try. This game have a very good graphic quality and playability, and the best of all, its totally free!

Developed by Nadeo, Trackmania it´s a online race game. The download of the game can be made at the official site ( and the size of the file is about 500MB.

códigos do trackmania

Colors and styles

Here you will find the Trackmania codes to change de colors and text styles that can be used in the game. You can also use these codes in your Nickname.

Tracks KLF

KLF Tracks

In the game, there is also an track editor, wich allows any player do create new tracks. Here are some of my tracks, for drivers of all skills, from beginers to experts.


KLF Game tools

The game also allow that other software connect to it, creating amazing posibilities. Here you will find some software, developed by me, and some of them are specific for the Trackmania universe.

clans trackmania

Trackmania Teams

As all other online games, it's very common that the players start to form some groups and teams. Here you will find a small list of brazilian and international teams.