TRACKMANIA text control codes

You probably have already noticed that some players have nicks with colors and other effects. Here i will show you the codes that you can use in the game, so you can customize your nick name and write chat messages with diferent colors and styles. All codes will start with a dolar symbol ($)

Text format

  • $N narrow
  • $M normal
  • $W wide
  • $I italic
  • $O bold
  • $S shadow
  • $Z reset color and format
  • $G default color
  • $T capital text
  • $$ dolar sign

External and Internal links

  • $L [url] text $L Link to any URL, diplaying an alternative text
  • $L url $L Link to any URL
  • $H [manialink] text $H Link to a manialink page, diplaying an alternative text
  • $H manialink $H Link to a manialink page

Text colors

  • $RGB set the color of the text
    • R Red value hexadecimal value from 0 to F
    • G Green value hexadecimal value from 0 to F
    • B Blue value hexadecimal value from 0 to F

Since most players really don't understand the RGB concept at all, I decided to write this little script to help to find the correct color code. Just play with the sliders and the correct color code will show up.

If you want to add the "Trackmania color codes" to your page or blog, just add the following code.