Trackmania and friends

I have playing Trackmania for over one year, and in this this time i met many cool and nice players, always helping other players with tips on creating news tracks, or on how to drive better, or even in the creation of dedicated servers.

So, for all these helpfull players, and specially for those who helped me, that ones who was giving me the feedback and motivation for developing the TRUCK, or simply pushing me to drive better; i want to say the most sincerelly "thank you".

I will not tell names, because I probably will forget someone, and that will be not nice. But I will let here a list of some Trackmania teams of some players that i met in the game.

To make me perfect clear, I respect all friendly players, regards of their teams, even if they don´t have one or their team it's not in this list.

International Trackmania teams

ARA-Team (Portugal)

RwR (Canadá)

Brazilian Trackmania teams


GRX Team


Imperium Team

F1 Team

ATI Team







No Roads Left

TNT Team


Equipe Brazukas

Mixto Quente