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TM-Music & Mod

Here is another simple and great game tool for Trackmania. With TM-Music & Mod you can add music and mods (tracks skins) to your trackmania game server. It's still in beta stage, but i think it is good enough for distribution.

The musics must be in OGG format or MUX (nadeo format for music) and the mods must be in ZIP format. Also, they need to be hosted somewhere and reachable by a direct link.

You can convert musics to the MUX format using the utility that comes with the game, you can find it in the window that opens when you run Trackmania. If you want to convert to OGG, there are many free music converters around, maybe i implement one in the future.

In the program you need to inform the URLs of all the mods and musics, and the information how to connect to your server. After that you can save your settings, sou you can reload then later (in the actual version there is no auto save or load), and close the window. The program will go to the "tray" (near the clock) and you can control it from there.

To use the program, just right click on the the icon (of this program) on the tray, and a menu will appear. It's very simple to use, but i will explain the options:

ConfigurationOpen the configuration window, where you inform the URLs of the musics and mods
ConnectTry to connect to the server specified on the configuration window.
DisconnectDisconects from the server
Enable MusicEnable (or disable) the automatic music change on the server.
Enable ModEnable (or disable) the automatic mod change on the server.
Remove All and ExitRestore the default music and mod of the game and close the program.
ExitJust close the program, the server will keep the last mod and music.

Note1: The program needs to be connected to the server to be able to change music or mod.

Note2: The players have no control over the musics or mods, this is not a user jukebox.

TM-Music & Mod (Download)

Size: ~190KB

For Windows