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From time to time, some players ask me about how to set up a trackmania server, or which ports they need to open on their routers/firewalls. Since the ports used can change (for example, if you have another program or server running and already using the same ports numbers), this can cause some trouble setting up your network properly.

So i decided to make this small program that will scan your machine for open trackmania servers, and tell what ports they are using. Also, the program will test if these ports are open (reachable from the internet), so the players can connect and play on your server.

To make a trackmania server to be able to accept internet players, the "Game port" needs to be open. The "P2P port" you only need to open if you want to enable the P2P functions on your game server. And the "RPC port" you only need to open if you want to allow remote control of your game server.

TM-Detective (Download)

Size: ~250KB

For Windows