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Game tools

Here are some game tools developed by me. Most of them are for Trackmania, an amazing game, that can be downloaded for free from Nadeo's site.


CABAL-Vampiric calculator

Find the best combination of vampiric items you character needs to use to take full advantage of the vampiric items in the game Cabal Online.


GhostX - Stat Points

Plan your GhostX character. This will show you the changes with each point on strenght, spirit, stamina, agility and defense. So you can make a better game character.

T.R.U.C.K. MMX - Preview


Controler for Trackmania servers, implementing many administrative functions to the server and keep track of the tracks records.

TM-Music & Mod

TM-Music & Mod

Allows you to add musics (.OGG or .MUX) and mods to your tracks in your Trackmania game server. Very easy to use.

TM Colors - Preview


If you want a very easy way to known the color codes for any of the 4096 colors available in trackmania game, this program is for you.

TM Detective - Preview


This program will search your computer for open trackmania game servers, and inform you wich ports (TCP) are being used. Very usefull to set up your network.

TM Detective - Preview

KLF - Manialink Editor

Visualize your manialinks inside the game. This software creates a small web server with the only purpose of hosting the manialink opened in the editor. Very usefull for who want to create or customize a manialink.