Cabal Online - Vampiric Items

If you play Cabal Online (MMORPG), probably you have already noticed some "vampiric items". They are used for steal hp or mp from the monsters, each time you do some damage to them. In other words, they have the capacity of extend your life while you attack the monsters.

There are two types of vampiric items:

Many players get confused with these 2 types, and also with the math behind them. Using the correct ammount of vampiric items of these two types, can turn your character into a winner.

So i decided to create this little tool, to help the players to you make a much better use of these vampiric items, in game of Cabal.

Please note, that for the vampiric items to work, your character need to have at least 1% in steal.

Bellow, fill with the values of your character, and the total ammount of the 2 types of the vampiric items that your character is using, then just press "Calculate".

Character Level   
Character max. HP
Average damage
Vamp. % steal
Vamp. aditional value

Efective steal: